First Christian Church of Pacific
Can you sing or play an instrument?  Our worship team is looking for additional members.
Available weekly to baptized believers.
We believe in the power of prayer.  Get together with one of our Eders or our Pastor for prayer.

Our Mission:

Building a bridge from where people are to where God wants them to be.
Help in the community
We believe that God has given each of us gifts, talents, and abilities to serve in our church and in our community.  Join us as we have fun helping others for God's kingdom.
We believe baptism by immersion is an important display of the obedience of making a commitment to Jesus Christ.  By identifying with Jesus' death and resurrection, as we spiritually die to our old selves, we are born again in our commitment to Christ.  

Are you ready to give yourself to Jesus? 
Always welcome
Are you looking for a church to get married in?  See how our church is set up chairs, rather than pews.  You can arrange them how want, to make the perfect setup for your perfect day.  We also have a full kitchen in the basement, for your cooking or catering needs.
Sinned this week?  We realize we all sin, so no perfect people are allowed.  We welcome all people, whatever your past.  We will help you on your quest to a God centered life with the trials and rewards that come with it.

Front row seats still available.


We are a community of grace and forgiveness, where everyone is allowed, encouraged, and expected to be authentic.  This is a safe and practical place to "come as you are" and grow in your faith.  But, it is also a place where you will be challenged.  

Have you heard of Jesus, but don't know Him or have fallen away from Him?  Come see what the fuss is all about.


Sunday School:  Sunday 9:30 am
Church Services:  Sunday 10:30 am
Children's Services (and infant) are Provided.
Handicap accessible.
Located just west of historic downtown Pacific, Missouri.
422 W. Saint Louis Street
Pacific, MO  63069

website updated 4/6/2018